Acoustic foams

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Sonex foam at the celling. Armon HaNetziv Jerusalem

סונקס בתקרה, לפתרון בעיות אקוסטיות קשות

Acoustic foams, absorption and isolation

Sonex acoustic foams are lightweight materials made from melamine foam or polyurethane foam
There are flat boards and shaped plates. We actually cut the material on demand
Sonex acoustic foams are made from the finest materials and has very high absorption rate
The acoustic panels can be attached directly to ceilings / walls (glued), or can be hanged as suspended regular construction ceilings
Sonex acoustic foams are fiber free martial, therefore can be considerate as friendly

Uses of acoustic foams
Industrial noise reduction
Recording studios, to improve sound quality
To reduce echo in high ceilings halls
Office ceilings, to eliminate room to room sound transferring
Improves room sound quality for hearing impaired
Restaurants and other populated halls
Home music or home theatre

Domestic use

Foam closeup Foam closeup Acoustic celling in the living room Acoustic celling in the living room Acoustic foam at home Good sound acoustics

Recording studios

Acoustic Bass trap Bass trap Sonex Aoudio Sonex Aoudio Acoustic polyurethane foam Acoustic polyurethane foam Studuio foam kit Studuio foam kit Sonex Bass Sonex Bass 3 Bass traps 3 Bass traps Acoustic Diffuser Acoustic Diffuser White Sonex foam White Sonex Acoustic wood foam Acoustic wood foam

Acoustic foam pictures

Flat Sonex Acoustic foam Flat Sonex Sonex Pyramids Acoustic foam Sonex Pyramids Sonex Waves Acoustic foam Sonex Waves Sonex polyurethane Acoustic foam Sonex polyurethane
Hanging Acoustic foam element Hanging acoustic element Acoustic Acoustic foam cylinder Acoustic cylinder Acoustic foam panel Acoustic panel Sonex Buffer Acoustic foam Sonex Buffer